So many injection molders. What makes Specialty Plastics any different from the rest ? Service is critical to you as a competitive business. You need a company that stands as your partner to provide solutions for your plastic molding needs.

Who is your plastic solution partner? Can they provide tooling design, consultation, prototype development and production? Can they provide product supply flexibility and support your inventory needs through modern kanban programs? Is your current plastic partner committed to worldwide quality standards such as ISO and QS?

At Specialty Plastics we are committed to meeting our customer’s needs through:


Part concept-development is a service we take pride in at Specialty Plastics. Our tool and engineering department has all the latest in CAD design and manufacturing software. These professionals are trained and experienced in moving your part from concept to production. We can take 2-D or 3-D drawings or files and provide consultation with you through all the Design Control phases. When the design phase is finished we can even build your tool here in-house, in our full-service tool and mold shop.

As your plastic solution partner, you can count on Specialty Plastics to work with you in product supply. Modern inventory programs that focus on just-in-time product supply or kanban arrangements have become a regular part of our business. We recognize that businesses today have to be lean to stay competitive. We here at Specialty Plastics are committed to providing our customers with the flexibility they need.

The unique quality of being a custom injection molder is that we serve a wide array of business fields: automotive, healthcare, electronics, industrial equipment, motor manufacturing, toys, and leisure equipment. Our attractiveness to these industries has been our focus on flexible supply chain management and a commitment to quality.

Our experience with materials and processes has given us a wealth of knowledge that may be beneficial to you in choosing materials. Often times our customers have appreciated our efforts to find alternative materials that offer cost savings while not compromising quality.


Be sure to note our Equipment List as it will give you a clear picture of all the cutting edge technology we employ here at Specialty Plastics.

With our focus being on tight tolerance parts, we recognize the need to stay current in injection molding trends. We have each of our twenty-one machines linked to a central computer. The run information from each job is stored on this computer allowing us to track important data. Our quality and production teams use this information to track efficiencies and quality issues.


Does your product need a high level measurement to verify quality status? We have equipped our Quality Department with a Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) and an Optical Comparator for detailed measuring capabilities. Having supplied to the automotive industry for the past 40 years, we are familiar with the documentation necessary to prove dimensional stability.


At Specialty Plastics all levels of management are accessible for your support. There are no multiple levels of bureaucracy, compounded by confusing voice-mail systems. When you call our offices you speak to a real person.

Our plant is open for business 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. Our quick response time allows us to commit to a standard lead-time of two weeks. And with current kanban programs we often ship to our local customers daily.