Blow Molding

pics-tooling5In addition to injection molding, we also offer blow molding services. Whether you need a bellows design, plastic bottle design or other blow molded design, we have the capability to blow mold your plastic part application.

Our blow molding services range from blown bottles made from Polypropylene and Polyethylene, but we also have experience with tougher materials such as Polyurethane. We can achieve high quality, repetitive parts with our PLC controls. We also offer many secondary options, at the press, with our blow molded parts (i.e. Trimming, Cutting, Inserts, Leak Testing, etc). Whatever your blow molding needs are, Specialty Plastics looks to partnership with you. Feel free to contact us for a competitive quote, on your next blow molding application. Specialty Plastics ? for all your plastic blow molding needs.