Quality Assurance


In today’s world of plastic technology, you need a molder who understands the intricacies of the business. Current injection molding standards often require close tolerance parts and rigid specifications to meet custom fits. At Specialty Plastics, we can guarantee the quality of the parts we produce, because our number one priority in every facet is quality.

Quality doesn’t just happen. As an ISO -9001 certified manufacturer (Specialty Plastics, Inc cert), we follow strict guidelines on manufacturing your parts. We believe the best molded products are a result of combining the best molding resources available. Our state of the art inspection lab is equipped with a Mitutoyo optical comparator, and Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) with CAD capabilities. With our Keyence automated inspection, we can rapidly verify dimensions. We have a BYK color spectrometer and booth for color analysis, digital and optical scopes for surface evaluation, as well as a full line of precision measurement gages. We partner with our customers to establish inspection requirements, from tight tolerance measurements, to “fit, form and function”. We also offer capability studies, advanced leak testing, and custom gauging to suit customer industry requirements.

From our fully trained staff of seasoned quality personnel, to the latest in quality control devices, we can meet industry standards to provide our customers with excellent, top quality products. At Specialty Plastics, quality is our #1 priority.