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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions
How big are your machines?
Our smallest is a 35 ton machine that is capable of a .9 ounce shot size. The largest is a 500 ton machine capable of 68 ounces per shot.

Do you have in house tooling capabilities?
Yes. Years ago we recognized the need of our customers and committed to provide an in-house tool department fully capable of designing, building and repairing molds.

Who maintains the tools?
At Specialty Plastics we have a commitment to our customers and to the upkeep of their molds. We provide basic services of regular maintenance including cleaning, steel protectorate, and safe storage. Regular preventative maintenance is a standard procedure in our care for tooling.

Can you design molds?
Yes. Our tooling engineers use the latest CAD programs to design and manufacture your injection molds. We can work off of two dimension drawings as well as solid models. Our software package allows us to import and translate various types of other programs (e.g. .sldprt, .prt, .igs, .dwg, .x_t, .step, .sat, .dxf).

Do you perform any secondary or value added operations?
Yes. We can hot stamp, pad print, laser printing, mill, drill, place inserts, assemble, sonic weld, glue and perform any special packaging needs you may have. We now have the latest technology in 3D printing. Our new 3D printer offers tight tolerance prototypes, helping with the development of new products.

Do you participate in any inventory programs with your customers?
Yes. Several of our customers have moved towards a “lean manufacturing” process and we have partnered with them in this venture. We are comfortable participating in kanban inventory programs as well as blanket orders and other “JIT” programs.

What are your hours of operation?
Our standard workweek is 5 days, 24 hours a day. All three shifts are fully operable with Quality Assurance and Shipping and Receiving. We can operate over the weekends when necessary.

How current is your equipment?
We have a history here at Specialty Plastics of keeping in step with the latest in injection molding technology. Keeping up with the latest innovations require that we regularly move new machines in. We have initiated a program where we move old machines out after five years and replace these with the most current model. The oldest machine you will find in our plant is five years old.

Can you work with engineered resins?
Yes. Part of what makes us Specialty Plastics is our familiarity with exotic materials. We can run the materials that other plants cannot do. Our knowledgeable staff and modern equipment make us a great resource for those hard-to-mold jobs.

Where are you located?
Specialty Plastics is conveniently located in the heart of the Midwest in St. Peters, Missouri. We are twenty minutes West of St. Louis, Missouri, and just two minutes North of Interstate 70.